Live Life Foods

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Home delivered nourishing meals approved by Nutrition Professionals Australia. 

Our meal solutions are designed to meet the nutritional requirements of the over 65s age-group, Live Life Foods will feature more than 50 locally prepared, ready meals, sandwiches and desserts that will be delivered to doorsteps in retirement communities. 

Live Life Foods is a new home meal delivery service created to ensure everyone has access to nourishing healthy meals. We pride ourselves on the quality of our meals that are nutritionally designed for the young at heart to make sure we get the right balance of nutrients in our diets everyday as we age. 

With more than a third of seniors living in the community reportedly suffering from malnutrition, Live Life Foods together with Nutrition Professionals Australia have developed the menu identifying the Smart Choice Meals, designed to meet the protein, energy and nutrition needs as people age. 

Whether people want to enjoy a tasty meal, are recovering from illness or simply require a nutritious meal, this service offers a healthy and affordable in-home option. 

Live Life Foods Delivery 2U will be rolled out nationally early 2021. 

Please contact or call 1800 532 001 for orders and more information on the new home delivered 2U meal service.