AHURI Publishes New Study

The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute has released a comprehensive report on the actual and perceived benefits of downsizing for Australia’s senior citizens.
There was a focus on retirement villages and the impact that they have on effective downsizing for retirees. 

The report effectively found that retirement villages hold significant value not only for those that live there, but for the wider community as a whole.
By providing services and infrastructure that allows for retirees to remain in these communities as they age it takes away from the pressure that amounts on aged care facilities.

It was also found that those retirees that move into these communities have a much higher feeling of security and community.

This comes as 71 % of participants in the study said that one of the main benefits was that they felt safer in their own homes at night due to security patrols and good lighting in their communities.

Respondents effectively agreed that downsizing and living in a retirement village was a wise move.
As they were better off financially, amongst an active social group, and living in a location that was equipped to allow them comfort and convenience as they age.

Seniors' advocates said as well that in addition to tenants not only feeling safer in their own homes, it is absolutely important to consider the practical safety benefits that present themselves.
These retirement communities offer homes that support an individual as they enter later life.

The infrastructure that is provided in these communities, in both the private dwellings and in the community spaces, includes things like widened door ways and hallways, specialised bathroom fittings and 
light switches, and safety and security measures like help request buttons. All things designed to assist people to age in comfort and with peace of mind. 

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