Video 2020 Hindsight....with YourFilm

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Picture this: It is December 2020, and your business’s long-talked-about video strategy is finally up and running.

So with 2020 hindsight... How did you do it? From making 1-2 videos per quarter (in a good quarter) – to making your business truly video fluent.

Looking back, there’s a good chance that these ideas made all the difference:

1. You resolved to get more out of everything you shot. 

Why shoot for just one viewing experience? Shoot once -– then repackage, re-edit, re-deploy and maximise. Make one ‘master’ video from where you can have plenty of cutdowns, stings and even audio only versions for distribution and consumption.

2. You started thinking visually.

Previously you thought that everyone watched their videos with the sound on -– but in the age of social media -– it was time to ditch that idea. Fast typography is very on-trend, and is a great way to get plenty of information across is a short amount of time. It’s visually catchy on social media. 

3. You discovered fixed price video production.

You found out that video doesn’t have to come with unforeseen and unexpected costs. A fixed price video package is a game changer. YourFilm has more than 20 fixed-price packages, and can tailor one for you. It’s not about fixed and forgot, keep it fresh and adaptable. 

...And it all started by talking to a video production partner with a new way of approaching video that’s built for scale, consistency and affordability. But enough about us. In the new year… Let’s talk Your film.

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