Capability framework - stage 1 report released

Sales professionals and village managers play a crucial role in ensuring residents have an enjoyable, safe, and enriching experience while living in a retirement community.

To ensure transparency in the high standards needed for these roles, we engaged Anthon Consulting to design a Capabilities & Certification Framework that identifies the attributes of good sale professionals and village managers, and allows them to seek professional recognition of their high standards.

Where we are in the process

This project is being undertaken in stages:

Stage 1: design the Capabilities Framework

Stage 2: design an Implementation Strategy to determine how the Framework would operate (e.g. what evidence is needed to show a capability is met?)

Stage 3: implement the Framework

We’ve completed Stage 1 and have just started Stage 2. Stage 3 won’t commence until mid to late 2020.

As such, sales professionals, village managers and village operators do not need to take any action at the present time.

What is a Capability Framework?

A capability framework sits at sector level and while it incorporates the ‘in the now’ management skills it recognises technical and behavioural skills needed to manage ‘in the future’.

It fosters a culture of service delivery excellence and encourages incorporation of meaningful systems to capture and manage customer complaints and feedback.

It encourages innovation and critical thinking in the workplace, including change and its impact on others, as well as actively championing respect and dignity in customer/resident interactions and keeping abreast of macro environmental influences and their impact on the industry.

A Capability Framework for Retirement Living

Using a lens model approach, the customer/resident is placed at the centre of the Capability Framework. It demonstrates that decisions are being made through the lens of care and support for the customer/resident.

The Framework is offered as an integrated model. There are seven “domains” which together they provide a roadmap to guide the manager and/or sales professional to take action or make decisions with the resident experience always front of mind.

Access the report

The full report, including a detailed explanation of the seven domains, can be accessed here.

Hear Carolyn Barker, Principal Consultant, Anthon Consulting, present about the Capabilities Framework at the National Retirement Living Summit.