All operators invited to sign up for Code of Conduct

All retirement living owners and operators are invited from 1 January 2020 to officially sign up to the Retirement Living Code of Conduct.

Throughout this year, we've invited organisations to express their interest in the Code by 'pre-registering' and showing their commitment to high industry standards. During this period we've had about 1000 retirement communities commit to signing up. Over the last few weeks, we've been working with many of those organisations to transition them to full registration and Code compliance.

From 1 January 2020, all operators from around the country will be able to become a Code signatory. In the first week of the new year our Retirement Living Council e-news subscribers will receive instructions on how to commence their registration, including how to certify their own compliance with the Code.

From late January onwards, all Code of Conduct signatories will receive:

  • A Code of Conduct seal to promote their Code signatory status
  • Other marketing and instructional collateral to assist signatories speaking to current and potential residents about the benefits of living in a Code certified village
  • A community listing on, our educational website on retirement living

From 1 January 2020, Code signatories will be accountable to the commitments within the Code once they have registered for the Code. 

The Code Administrator will actively start promoting registered communities in February.

Minor Code modifications

As part of the transition process, many members have throughout the year contacted us to clarify the meaning of particular parts of the Code and the complaint escalation system within it.

These modifications seek to simplify some of the wording, remove ambiguity in a number of clauses, streamline some of the processes for the Code Administrator and further clarify the Code Administrator's role in handling complaints.

Modifications do not change the core Code commitments, and do not require village operators to do any further preparation.

You can download the revised Code here. Please email the Code Administrator at if you have any further questions.

Code arrangements over summer

The Code Administration office will be closed from 23 December until 20 January 2020. Registration forms received during this period will be processed when the office reopens 20 January.