The Key to a Successful Development Project is a Quality Development Consultant

The development of property is becoming more difficult every day. There are so many variables, controls, market expectations and funding hurdles that affect the design and delivery of a project. Margins are invariably tight and the slightest error can be the difference between success and failure.

A key phase in the development process is the initial feasibility assessment. This may be prior to the purchase of a potential site or in consideration for development of an existing land holding. There are so many factors that need to be carefully considered. Firstly, you need to gain a clear understanding of the planning controls applicable for the site. These controls dictate what type of development may be approved by Council eg can a retirement village or aged care facility be built in this location and what extent of floor area and height limits apply for the proposed building/s. The ground conditions need to be assessed for contamination and its general ability to support the proposed structure/s. Significant costs can be incurred if this due diligence is not accurately undertaken. Market demand in the area also needs to be investigated. What do people want and what are they willing to pay for the proposed product? These various investigations then need to be incorporated into an appropriate design and assessed for cost versus revenue. Is the project economically feasible?

Once an initial feasibility concept has been prepared and agreed, it needs to be developed into formal design drawings for submission to Council and preparation of construction documentation. This often requires the engagement and management of 30+ consultants to complete the documentation. Development in the Retirement Living and Aged Care sectors is for long-term asset retention and therefore the design must be operationally efficient and incorporate flexibility for a market with ever-changing expectations and needs.

It is critical that a highly experienced development consultant is managing and leading this process on behalf of the client. Impact Group has been assisting clients to deliver successful retirement living and aged care projects for nearly 20 years. All of our team are highly skilled professionals in managing project costs, consultant teams, building contracts and construction works. We immerse ourselves in your business to ensure that we understand your corporate needs and expectations. Our early involvement in your project will add significant value to the final outcome. For more information please visit our website or call 1300 63 00 63