Property Council responds to Street Design Manual: Walkable Neighbourhoods

The Property Council has lodged a submission on the Street Design Manual: Walkable Neighbourhoods, supporting the general intent of the document.

The Property Council supports the Street Design Manual to act as a guide for local governments and assist in delivering a consistent approach to designing our neighbourhoods to create better, smarter and healthier communities in South East Queensland.

Consistency of approach to infrastructure designs would result in savings not only in the construction phase but also through improved administration, approval and technical processes that would flow through to local government and the end consumer.

The Property Council believes the draft Street Design Manual is a step in the right direction to achieving a more cohesive approach to designing our neighbourhoods which will benefit not only the property industry but deliver better outcomes for our communities as well.

Although Property Council is generally supportive of the document, further work needs to continue to shape and refine the manual prior to its release and adoption. Specifically noting that for this document to be successful, it is critical that it aligns to other planning policies and documents such as the recently released Creating healthy and active communities: mandatory provisions for neighbourhood design.

To read the full submission please click on the link below.