Property Council and UDIA lodge joint submission on Koala Conservation Strategy and Mapping

The Property Council and the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) lodged a joint submission responding to the draft Koala Conservation Strategy and mapping.

The submission recognises the need to maintain a healthy koala population in South East Queensland, and emphasises the need for this to occur in the context of the Queensland Government’s broader South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017 (ShapingSEQ).

Whilst the draft strategy acknowledges the challenge of accommodating a growing population whilst supporting a sustainable koala population, the property industry has serious concerns relating to the implementation of the draft Koala Conservation Strategy and associated mapping and how it will impact land supply for urban development and housing affordability. A key concern remains the potential impact of the draft mapping on committed developments.

The submission calls for an urgent review of the mapping, prior to its finalisation. Of key concern to the industry are the following mapping errors:

  • The mapping of unsuitable vegetation as koala habitat, including fig trees and mangroves
  • The mapping of areas which are currently subject to an Environmental Protection Biodiversity and Conservation Act approval or areas which are already developed
  • The identification of highly isolated and fragmented patches in urban locations
  • The mapping of roads and structures.

It is the industry’s view that the mapping does not adequately provide safe, connected, and strategic corridors for koalas, nor does it attempt to positively resolve the conflict of providing viable koala habitat across the region in areas away from humans, dogs and cars.

The Property Council and UDIA are seeking the opportunity for further consultation with the property industry to resolve proposals in a manner that optimises outcomes for urban development and koala conservation.  

To read the full submission, please click on the link below.