Property Council responds to Rental Reform

The Property Council responds to proposed changes to Queensland’s Tenancy Laws, outlined in the Government’s Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement A Better Renting Future – Safety, security and certainty.

The Property Council reiterated in the submission, that it is critical the reforms strike an equitable balance between the owner’s right to have autonomy over their asset and a tenant’s right to feel safe, secure and comfortable within their home.

It is important that proposed changes to renting do not duplicate already existing laws and force both owners and tenants into additional costs and arrangements that make renting more expensive.

The Property Council also highlighted how the development of a Build-to-Rent sector could address many of the issues outlined in the reforms. In fact, the objectives that underpinned the reform – rental stability, security of tenure and safety of rental accommodation – could all be addressed through the development of purpose-built housing designed for the rental market.

To read the full submission on rental reform in Queensland please click on the link below.