Priority Growth Area Legislative Amendments Proposed – Caboolture West

  • Framework for ‘Priority Growth Areas’ to be established
  • Caboolture West to be trial Priority Growth Area
  • Legislation to be introduced in late 2022

The Deputy Premier has announced a new framework for ‘Priority Growth Areas’ to address the challenge of integrating land use and infrastructure planning across government, utility providers and the private sector.

In defined PGAs, the State Government will take the lead on structure planning, with local governments retaining their role as assessment manager.

Building on the work of the Growth Areas Team in Caboolture West, the learnings of this pilot project will be utilised in identifying legislative amendments needed to give effect to the new framework.

The pilot project in Caboolture West will also inform potential changes to the existing local and state infrastructure charging regime.

It is expected that legislative amendments will be drafted in early 2022, with broad consultation to follow. Amendments will be introduced into Parliament in late 2022.

The trial will test new approaches to include:

  • A role for State Government to lead and coordinate land use and infrastructure planning in PGAs
  • Reviewing the planning and delivery of state and local infrastructure
  • Creating a governance structure to implement the PGA structure plans.

The Property Council has welcomed Government’s proposed planning reform measures as an acknowledgement of the important role an efficient planning system plays in delivering affordable land supply.

Along with targeted planning reform, the Property Council has urged Government to deliver a holistic plan to rapidly boost housing supply, particularly given the escalating housing affordability crisis being faced in Queensland.

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