Christmas Update from the President

Property Council Queensland President Andrew Hay reflects on the year that was and the opportunities of the future.  

In just a few hours, I will hopefully be seeing many of you at the Property Council’s Annual Christmas Party. However, to anyone who I don’t see, I would just like thank you now for your contribution to the Property Council and the industry this year.

2021 has certainly been a busy year. In fact, in talking to many members it is one of the busiest years that they recall. Despite this our members have once again graciously volunteered their time to support the Property Council either via our advocacy, by sitting on a committee, or by attending a Property Council event.

When reflecting on the year that was, we are unfortunately once again drawn back to COVID. The shadow it cast wreaked havoc throughout the year. Snap lockdowns dented business confidence and forced events to be postponed. Mask mandates and social distancing restrictions dampened CBD activity levels. Border closures prevented many of us seeing our interstate families, friends and colleagues and has resulted in labour shortages.  Throughout it all the Property Council worked to ensure that members were aware of public health restrictions and where possible our industry could continue with business as usual. 

To respond to the impact that COVID has had on our CBD, the Property Council launched Fridays in the City campaign which worked across all tiers of Government and the private sector to boost activity in Brisbane’s city centre. Fridays in the City proved one of the highlights of the year and resulted in a 12.5 per cent increase in foot traffic on Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall. 

This campaign was followed by the announcement that Brisbane would host the 2032 Olympic Games. The Property Council has always championed the Olympics as generational opportunity to attract investment and progress the development of crucial infrastructure. As such, it was great to feel the enthusiasm in the room when we welcomed 800 industry members to the Property Council’s Celebrating the Games lunch to learn more about the Olympics potential to spark the next step in SEQ’s growth. 

Finally, the Property Council continued to work with Government to address Queensland’s growing land supply and housing affordability issues. With more people than ever looking to move to and invest in the Sunshine State it is vital to address these issues now, so they don’t become more problematic in the future. 

Next year, the three key focus areas listed above will once again be a focus for the Property Council. We will look to launch Summer in the City which will build on the work of Fridays in the City to welcome office workers and visitors back to Brisbane’s city centre in the new year. 

We will continue to work with both state and local governments to find ways to unlock land so all Queenslander’s can feel confident that in future they will be able to afford a home to live in.

New challenges will also be added to the mix with the Queensland Government’s review into the role of developers within the building and construction industry posing a significant risk to our industry. 

The time to act is now, the 2032 Olympic Games means that the eyes of the world are on Brisbane. If we get the settings right the next decade will be a period of remarkable growth for our state, our economy and our industry. 

 I look forward to working with all members to address the challenges and maximise the opportunities facing our industry in 2022. 

On behalf of the Property Council, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and safe holiday period.