The Queensland Government has provided an updated border restriction direction, which will come into effect Monday 13 September 2021 at 1am. You must provide proof that you have received at least one dose of the vaccine to cross the border into Queensland. 

From 1am Monday 13 September 2021 you will be permitted to cross the border for the following reasons:

  • Perform essential work that cannot be done from home, or emergency volunteering
  • For children of essential workers or vulnerable children, and an adult that may transport the child, to attend face to face schooling or to attend a childcare facility
  • Obtain essential goods or services you can't get in Queensland
  • Obtain medical care or supplies you can’t get in Queensland
  • Provide help, care or support to a family member or fulfil other caring responsibilities
  • Comply with an order to attend a Court or Tribunal in the border zone or to give effect to orders of a Court or Tribunal in person in the border zone

You must not cross the border for non-essential purposes such as attending a wedding, participating in organised sport, or for other recreational purposes. 

If you wish to cross the border into Queensland from New South Wales or a Queensland resident re-entering from the border zone, you will be required to complete a Border Zone Travel X Pass

New South Wales entry declaration will also be required.

Masks wearing requirements remain in place for South East Queensland until 4pm, 24 September 2021

The Property Council will continue to provide any further advice to members as it becomes available. In the meantime, please visit the Queensland Government website for any further information.