Amendments passed in February 2020 to restrict townhouses from single home areas (Major amendment package H) are effective as of 1 May 2020. The amendments are now part of the Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan) and include:

  • Removing provisions in zone codes, development codes and neighbourhood plans supporting multiple dwellings (townhouses and apartments) in the low-density residential zone
  • Amending other relevant provisions in the City Plan to align with this change, including amendments to the strategic framework, and make necessary consequential amendments.

The Property Council is strongly opposed to the implementation of Major Amendment Package H and has raised industry’s deep concerns on the ramifications of a townhouse ban.

In submissions to both Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government, the Property Council has argued how the ban will impact housing supply and affordability in Brisbane.

As part of Brisbane’s Future Blueprint, Brisbane City Council will be delivering a housing strategy to ensure housing supply for people at every stage of life. The Property Council is calling for Council to fast track the development of this strategy and ensure it adequately provides for diverse and affordable housing.