The strategy, in partnership with the private sector, is aimed at supporting jobs and revitalising the State's economy.

The Economic Recovery Strategy: Unite and Recover for Queensland Jobs reconfirms the State Government’s commitment to maintain infrastructure investment at more than $50 billion over the next four years. The package of measures focuses on building infrastructure and accelerating construction projects to protect jobs across Queensland.

The strategy includes:

  • A $400 million Accelerated Works Program to deliver new road, bridge and pavement sealing works across the state;
  • $200 million in 2020-21 for a Works for Queensland program to support jobs and fund productive building projects;
  • An $11.25 million expansion of the Household Resilience Program in cyclone affected areas;
  • An additional $100 million in small business support; and
  • The establishment of a Queensland Industry Recovery Panel.

The Property Council continues to engage with the State Government on the importance of establishing a $600 million catalyst infrastructure fund as a key measure to include in the next stage of the Queensland Economic Recovery Strategy.

The Treasurer also announced the 2020-21 Queensland Budget would be suspended. Instead of a full budget, the Queensland Government will release a COVID-19 Fiscal and Economic Review (C19-FER) in September, ahead of the election on 31 October. The C19-FER will be prepared using the same standards as the annual Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review (MYFER).

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