Event wrap

Over the last fortnight the Property Council has held the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Retail Outlook events, seeing nearly 500 people attendees face-to-face.

Gold Coast Market Outlook

The Property Council welcomed over 200 attendees to The Star at the Gold Coast to examine what the future holds for the Gold Coast property market.

Clinton Ostwald - Group Director, and David Wilcox – Director, from Urbis, delivered a joint keynote presentation. Clinton examined the state of Australia’s broader economic climate in the wake of COVID-19 and David delved into specific aspects of the Gold Coast market to look at the unique opportunities for growth on the Coast.

Matthew Schneider- Director, Urbis and Chair of the Property Council’s Gold Coast committee then facilitated a lively panel discussion.

On the panel, Lisa Murdoch- Director Institutional and Middle Markets at JLL, spoke of opportunities to have a more formal Central Business District, along with the need for the Gold Coast to ensure that it had more serviceable industrial land to ensure the City was prepared for changing consumer behaviour.

Shaine Beveridge- Centre General Manager, Pacific Fair, AMP Capital, spoke about the importance of providing customers with a different shopping experience, stating that the retail precincts which would flourish in future would need to focus on providing a variety of offerings and establishing the correct balance of tenancies.

Chris Alston- Director, CRA Group, spoke about the Gold Coast’s current constrained land supply and the need to open up more land to support the Gold Coast’s rapidly growing population.

Special thanks to the Property Council’s Townsville and Gold Coast Corporate Partner RCP for sponsoring the event.

Retail Market Outlook

Last week, the Property Council welcomed just under 200 attendees to the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre to hear about the rapidly changing face of Queensland’s retail property sector.

Ian Shimmin, Director – Urbis, provided the keynote presentation which looked at how various retail sub-markets had fared during an uncertain year. He also looked at the impact of e-commerce and how the most successful businesses had both a physical and digital presence and the implications this would have on rents in future.

Meagan Wakefield, Regional Director – CBRE, and Chair of the Property Council’s Retail committee moderated a panel conversation on how these trends are playing out locally.

Chris McCluskey, General Manager – ISPT, believed Brisbane was set to benefit over the longer term from increasing interstate and international migration. Chris also discussed that broader confidence in the retail sector was potentially being curbed by the poor performance of some retailers.

Simon Crooks, Project Director – Destination Brisbane Consortium, spoke about the strong level of international confidence in Brisbane with many large investors looking at Queensland’s successful response to COVID-19 and the strong fundamentals in the SEQ region as a reason to invest.

Natalie Myatt, Commercial Manager – BNE Property, said that while it had been a difficult year for the airport, the future looked positive. BNE Property has a large amount of land which could be used to capture the momentum of an Olympics.

Many thanks to Ian Shimmin for his presentation, and to our panellists for their contribution to the event. Special thanks to Mainbrace Constructions for sponsoring the event.

Sunshine Coast Market Outlook

The Property Council hosted attendees at a sold-out event at The Lakehouse at Brightwater to hear about the strong prospects of the Sunshine Coast’s property sector.

Michael Campbell, Director – Lucid Economics, provided the keynote presentation which showed that the Sunshine Coast had a strong foundation from which to prosper as the economy recovered. A range of recently completed developments and new region-shaping developments in the pipeline would underpin this growth.

Brook Monahan, Managing Director and Founder – Mosaic Property Group, and Bruce Harper, General Manager – AVID Property, provided a residential perspective throughout the panel conversation that followed. Together they agreed that there was significant appetite for both multi-residential and detached dwellings on the Sunshine Coast, but with demand outstripping supply, government needed to work with stakeholders to find a way to accommodate this demand. They also discussed the potential for the Olympics to catalyse regional growth.

Nick Dowling, Managing Director – Colliers, also said the commercial and industrial market was strong with high levels of demand. Projects such as the Maroochydore CBD had driven a flight to quality across commercial stock. However, as with residential land, there was a need to ensure that the Sunshine Coast had adequate serviceable industrial land.

Many thanks to our keynote speaker, Michael Campbell, and to the panellists for their contribution to the event. Special thanks to Codicote for their sponsorship of the event.