The Property Council has publicly released its Queensland 2020 Election Priorities, squarely focused on the opportunity cost of failing to take action to unlock private sector investment across the state.

The industry is calling on all political parties to commit to bold, forward-thinking initiatives that will fast-track and unlock opportunities for job creation and investment. A comprehensive package of policy materials can be found here or on our website.

The Property Council has met with representatives of each of the major political parties. We have now formally written to each of them, highlighting 15 priority initiatives we are seeking their written commitment to ahead of the 31 October poll date.

Between now and the election, the Property Council will be utilising social media to highlight individual policy proposals and ask political candidates, Can Queensland afford to miss the opportunity?

We encourage members to visit the website, promote our social media posts, and share the content across their networks.

Great ideas are out there- many costing Government little to nothing to implement but providing billions of dollars of investment and jobs in return... so let’s get on with it! Queensland cannot afford to miss the opportunity.