The Property Council supports the ambitious proposals and general intent of the Brisbane City Council City Reach Waterfront master plan.

Brisbane City Council Councillor and Chair of the Planning Committee, Matthew Bourke launched the draft master plan at a Property Council event in November. Following the release, the Property Council consulted with members and lodged a formal submission on the document this week 

The Property Council outlined in the submission overall support for the proposals and general intent of the master plan, which we believe will help to elevate Brisbane as a new world city. The Property Council particularly supports the creation of a wide, continuous and unimpeded riverside promenade that allows sufficient room for all users in a low-speed environment.  

Property Council flagged that to fully realise and maximise on the opportunity to regenerate the City Reach Waterfront’s offering, it is critical that a precinct governance structure is put in place to help coordinate the delivery and success of the master plans vision.  

There is a need to structure a governance framework that involves the multiple government agencies and stakeholders who are responsible for the different assets located in the City Reach Waterfront area.  

Additionally, we recognised many of the proposals will require both public and private funding and we look forward to receiving more clarity around how Council will engage with the private sector to coordinate investment in these projects.  

To view the full submission please download on the link below.