Brisbane Industrial Strategy released

Brisbane City Council has released an Industrial Strategy, aimed at supporting job creation by responding to land use pressures in industrial zoned land within the local government area.

The Strategy, which has been the product of a two-year consultation process, commits Council to nine ‘actions’ to increase planning flexibility in order to accommodate changing demands and technological advancements.

Many of the Strategy’s actions were recommendations from the Property Council and the outcome of years of sustained advocacy work.

Through the Industrial Strategy Brisbane City Council has committed to:

  1. Supporting large-format, high-impact logistics/distribution uses, where they meet appropriate thresholds in the General industry C zone precinct within the Australian Trade Coast and South West Industrial Gateway areas.
  2. Provide for appropriate non-industrial uses that meet the specific needs of workers and enhance the function of areas where low-impact industry is supported.
  3. Support ‘research and technology industry’ use in the Mixed use zone to facilitate the evolution of advanced manufacturing.
  4. Encourage increased hours of operation for industry in appropriate locations to allow for shift work and increased productivity.
  5. Enable increased allowable building heights for industry that complement technological advancement in manufacturing and warehouse operations.
  6. Align car parking rates with contemporary employment densities, technologies and increasing hours of operation.
  7. Monitor and evaluate industrial demand and supply as part of an ongoing reporting program to ensure industry contributes to Brisbane’s liveability and prosperity.
  8. Enhance the role of Brisbane’s industrial precincts by emphasising their role in meeting evolving industrial demand, facilitate business and infrastructure investment and services needed to attract a skilled workforce.
  9. Support the implementation of the Transport Plan for Brisbane - Strategic Directions including enhancing the capacity and access to the strategic freight network; and maximising public and active transport commuter trips to industrial precincts.

The Property Council has welcomed the release of the strategy, and Brisbane City Council’s commitment to remove these key obstacles to industrial investment. The Property Council will continue to engage with Council on the formation of these amendments.

The release coincides with the release of the State Government’s 10 year freight strategy, which has been designed to provide a framework to support trucking, shipping, rail and air cargo across Queensland.