Brisbane City Council passes planning amendment packages

Brisbane City Council has progressed several of their proposed Major amendment packages.

As a result of developing the Brisbane Future Blueprint, Brisbane City Council has released and recently passed both Major amendment package H (restricting townhouses and apartments from being built in areas for single homes) and amendment package J (increase car parking for suburban multiple dwellings).

Major amendment package H restricts the development of townhouses in low density residential zones and will remove provisions in zone codes, development codes and neighbourhood plans that support multiple dwellings in single home areas.

Major amendment package J increases car parking for suburban multiple dwellings. This amendment will increase required parking to 2 parking spaces for 2 to 3-bedroom units and 2.5 spaces for 4 or more-bedroom units.

Visitor parking spaces are also set to be increased from 0.15 spaces to 0.25 spaces per dwelling under this amendment.

With the support of our committees, the Property Council lodged submission on both amendment packages, strongly opposing their implementation.

Restricting medium density housing typology will only make it more challenging for Brisbane City Council to meet infill targets set out in ShapingSEQ South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017 and impact the delivery of housing diversity and put pressure on housing supply.

Similarly, increasing the number of carparks mandated in suburban multiple dwellings will place additional pressure on already congested roads and drive up the cost of housing, further impacting housing affordability.

In addition to above amendments relating to Brisbane’s Future Blueprint Brisbane City Council recently adopted the Citywide amendment – Biodiversity. The Property Council lodged a submission raising concerns with the amendment in 2017. The package of amendments will now be adopted into the City Plan and commence prior to the end of the year.

For further information on the amendment packages please visit Brisbane City Council’s website.

To view our submissions on the Major amendment packages please click below.