Brisbane City Council Major Amendment Package

Brisbane City Council has asked for industry feedback on proposed major amendments to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan).

Proposed amendments include: Heritage Place and City Views, and Major Amendment Package E, which incudes a range of citywide provisions. 

The heritage amendment aims to maintain and protect more of Brisbane’s local heritage places and buildings, constructed prior to 1911. 

Amendment Package E includes changes to:

  • car share
  • industry provisions
  • major transport infrastructure – Council controlled road tunnels
  • multiple dwellings
  • significant landscape trees
  • Special Entertainment Area
  • the Emerging Community zone
  • subdivision
  • transport air quality corridors
  • waterway corridors
  • mapping – including zoning and overlays.

A factsheet on Amendment Package E is available here

Full details of both proposed amendment packages are available on Brisbane City Council’s website

Submissions close at 5pm on 12 April 2019.