Tackling the Housing Challenge breakfast

With the Queensland Government finalising the development of its comprehensive Housing Strategy, the Property Council hosted the Minister for Housing for a breakfast event exploring the housing challenge.

Hon Mick de Brenni MP, the Minister for Housing and Public Works, proposed a radical departure from current thinking on housing affordability, suggesting that the contemplation of other living costs needed to be front of mind for housing policy makers.

The Minister acknowledged that the scrapping of the Logan Renewal Initiative was “an ideological decision” – outlining his position that public housing must be managed by government. While making no apologies for this decision, the Minister assured guests that the impending housing strategy would provide the confidence for the private sector to invest in addressing the housing challenge. 

The Government’s housing strategy will contain a 10 year strategic plan, to be accompanied by a short-term action plan, outlining the Government’s immediate objectives.

Stephanie Wyeth, Director – Urbis, and David Cant, CEO – Brisbane Housing Company, joined the Minister for a panel discussion on how the private and community sectors can assist the Government in delivering diverse housing options.

David explained how the community housing sector has had to shift its focus from bridging the gap between public housing and the rental market, to housing some of the community’s neediest – who traditionally would have used the public housing system.

Stephanie made it clear that there is no ‘silver bullet’ to addressing the housing challenge, but expressed the industry’s frustration in mixed messages from government on potential schemes to improve the provision of social housing.

The Minister acknowledged the need to partner with the private and community sector to activate the next generation of affordable and social housing for Queenslanders.

The Property Council would like to thank the Minister, Stephanie and David for sharing their insights into the housing challenge, and RCP for their sponsorship of the breakfast.

Photos of the event can be found here.

The Property Council’s submission to the Government’s Housing Strategy discussion paper can be found here.