Vaccination resources

The Commonwealth Department of Health has released a set of resources to help businesses promote COVID-19 vaccination to their employees.

The stakeholder kit, digital assets, and fact sheets have been developed as one of the outcomes of the National Business Partnership Forum held on 7 July, which was attended by the Property Council.

As health circumstances and business needs evolve, the resources will be updated to reflect the latest advice.

The Property Council encourages members to use the resources to help spread the message of the importance of vaccination to our industry, the economy and the broader community.

Key vaccination campaign messages are:

  • It’s important that everyone arm themselves against COVID-19 as soon as they can.
  • By arming yourself, you protect yourself, your loved ones, the people you care about, and the wider community.
  • Australia’s approved vaccines are very effective at preventing severe illness from COVID-19.
  • Vaccines are the best chance we have to help end the pandemic.
  • It is one thing we can all do to help beat COVID-19.
  • Visit or call 1800 020 080 to find out when you can arm yourself and book your vaccination

You can use the COVID-19 vaccine eligibility checker to find out when and where you can receive a COVID-19 vaccine.