Grow the talent pool

‘Grow the talent pool’ reports on how attitudes, behaviours or sentiment have changed over the past two years to recruiting, retaining and promoting women in the property industry.

The research has been undertaken by the Property Council and EY to support the Property Male Champions of Change (PMCC) strategy, following on from research in 2016 to understand property career pathways for women.

That report provided some illuminating insights, including the fact that many female property leaders ‘fell into property by accident’. Many women were also hitting a glass ceiling at middle management level. It also revealed three key barriers preventing women from rising through the property industry’s ranks: the boy’s club mentality, pay inequality and lack of diversity in senior leadership positions.

We’ve tracked how attitudes, behaviours or industry sentiment has changed over the past two years. More than 2,600 employees took part in the survey across 18 PMCC companies. We also interviewed 20 women in diverse roles and different stages of their career

The report shows a number of positive changes, including workplace flexibility and greater awareness around pay equity as well as significant progress in making the industry more diverse and inclusive. However, there is still much to be done, including in important areas where there has been little or no progress.

This report contributes to the growing body of evidence which supports diversity and inclusion as a business enabler. This report is designed to help PMCC and other property industry leaders accelerate that positive change.