New Member: Upside Planning

Op-Ed: Cameron Judson, CEO and Managing Director, Upside Planning


I set up Upside Planning in Katherine because it's a fascinating place as an Australian to learn about Australia, especially given I spent the majority of my career in London.  The town also has a lot of great people, and my partner likes it here too. It's treated us well. 

In my 13 years in London most of this time was at Jones Lang LaSalle, and over time I stepped up to be the firm's lead on economic and town centre impact. Sitting in the Planning and Development team, but integrated into the wider business, I advised government, global investors, developers, business and national retailers on retail and town centres, in particular how to create successful town centres that attract investment, spending, the community and visitors.

Sydney (my hometown) was my next destination, and the NSW Department of Education was my reintroduction to working in Australia. My planning, development, economic and commercial skills were re-calibrated to manage a team to prepare strategic infrastructure plans to address an unprecedented uplift in demand. New schools, redevelopment and expansion being the core response, but we also directed a lot of energy in co-location and joint use with Council's, universities and the non-government sector. I also spent a lot of time talking to educators and preparing briefings for the Minister.

In January 2020 we (including the dog) arrived in Katherine. After a year the Department of Infrastructure Planning and Logistics I had learnt all I could. It was time to go back to a place where I could affect positive change, be part of interesting projects and be able satisfy my hunger to learn.

Upside Planning currently services the NT and parts of regional NSW but can go wherever it's invited to advise on town and rural planning, town centres, economic impact, social impact assessment and social infrastructure planning together with community and stakeholder engagement.