Property Council of Australia turns 50!

The Property Council of Australia turned 50 this year. This was a cause for celebration as well as a time to reflect on how the Property Council of Australia’s Northern Territory Division has taken shape since establishment. Celebrating alongside all past Presidents was fantastic. George Cridland, Ross Finocchiaro, Allan Garraway, Brendan Dunn, Adrian Handford and our current President Mark Garraway were in attendance. Members from the first ever Division Council which was made up of prominent Territorians such as; George Cridland as President, Peter Linton as Treasurer, Trevor Dalton as honorary Secretary, Terry Finocchiaro, Bill Fryar, Peter McVann, Don Milford and Nick Mitaros were also in attendance.

Many Territorians have set the foundations of the Property Council of Australia and have been instrumental in its continued growth in the Northern Territory. I would like to acknowledge the work of our life member Trevor Dalton in particular. Mr. Dalton gave a tremendous speech about the 1996 establishment of the NT Division. I would also like to thank Mike Zorbas (National Group Executive) and Daniel Gannon (SA Executive Director) for making the time to attend on this occasion and, for recognising the importance of the NT Division and the work we have undertaken since inception.