Local Character & Place Guideline

The Department of Planning and Environment has recently released additional resources for Local Character which is aimed at providing support and assistance to communities, governments and the property industry by providing tools to enhance the local character of neighbourhoods.

The Guideline also assists to define existing character and provides a character assessment toolkit to set a desired future character that aligns with the strategic direction for an area. The local character package includes:

  • A Local Character and Place Guideline
  • Discussion Paper – Local Character Overlay, and
  • Local Character and Place Collection.

The Discussion Paper seeks comment on a proposal to introduce and optional Local Character Overlay with the standard instrument LEP.

The Local Character and Place Collection provides insights and reflections from local practitioners.

The Discussion Paper is being released for public comment and is an opportunity for stakeholders to provide initial feedback, submissions and comments up until 20 April 2019.

Read more at the Local Character page here.