Future Directions Spotlight: Olivia Yeatman

Over the next few months, we will be talking to each of our Future Directions Committee Members to find out a bit more about their roles, how they relate to the property industry and what they would like to see both Property Council Illawarra Committees achieve in 2019.

What is your professional role and how does it relate to the property industry?

I am an Associate and Local Government Coordinator in the Property and Town Planning Division at RMB Lawyers.

My role involves working with local councils, companies and individuals to provide advice in relation to local government, environmental, town planning and property development issues.

What is your favourite thing about working in the property industry?

Working in the property industry in the Illawarra provides a great cross-section in terms of scale, types of development and the sorts of issues I am advising on. I also enjoy working in the area I grew up in.

How and why did you get involved with Illawarra Future Directions?

I was a member of the Property Council Illawarra Committee for 2017/2018. Being one of the younger Committee Members I was eager to support a platform like Future Directions which provided networking, career development and succession opportunities to property professionals early on in their careers.

As a Future Directions Committee Member – what is one of the things you would like to see the Committee achieve in 2019?

Integration of the Future Directions Committee with the main Illawarra Committee is important to ensure that there is knowledge sharing and succession planning for the future.

If you could pick three things for the industry to improve on or would like to see developed further across the region – what would they be?

The Property Council does a great job to promote diversity within its committees, however I do think that diversity can always be improved on in the industry.

What advice would you give to other rising leaders like yourself across the industry to create professional networks in the Illawarra?

My advice would be to get out there and get involved in the various networking opportunities that are available.

Lastly, who would you describe as being a key mentor for you in your professional career and what is the best advice they have given you?

A key mentor in my career has been the now retired solicitor, Peter Moggach. Generally speaking, it is important to not be afraid of constructive feedback.  Take every opportunity to obtain constructive feedback because it is an opportunity to learn and develop your knowledge and skills.