Federal Election Update

The Property Council of Australia policy platform for the 2019 federal election sets out a five-point plan for prosperity, jobs and strong communities.

The Property Council has proposed a comprehensive range of policy initiatives to provide a good home for all Australians, build a strong economy, create great Australian cities, encourage investment and deliver an affordable and sustainable energy roadmap.

Key initiatives in the Property Council platform include:

A good home for all Australians
• Don’t risk changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax .
• Boost state housing supply using federal incentives to get state planning right.
• Appoint a Federal Housing Minister to oversee reform and reinstate the National Housing Supply Council.
• Champion Build-to-Rent housing through a full review of its benefits and policy changes required; adopt consistent withholding tax rates consistent with other forms of institutional real estate, and offer incentives for private sector development of affordable housing within new BTR project.
• Improve housing choices for older Australians, including incentives to ‘right-size’.

A strong economy
• Create a positive national population policy that supports a growing nation.
• Strengthen the supply of domestic credit.
• Improve productivity by implementing the Productivity Commission’s five-point reform blueprint.
• Create a competitive tax system to underpin growth and investment.

Great Australian Cities

• Expand and strengthen City Deals as an economic development for a city region supported by all levels of government.
• Create a high-level Cities Advisory Board to support city shaping actions of governments.
• Boost spending on infrastructure, including through the revival of the highly successful Asset Recycling Fund.
• Prioritise the ‘right’ infrastructure as assessed by Infrastructure Australia.

An attractive investment framework

* Encourage international investment in Australia. 

* Maintain a globally competitive property-funds management regime.

An affordable and sustainable energy roadmap

* Implement a National Energy Guarantee (NEG)-style regulatory framework with market signals for long term emissions reductions as well as reliable and affordable power. 

* Prioritise a national net-zero carbon buildings plan and code.

The Property Council’s full election platform document is available at www.info.propertycouncil.com.au/election