Landcom Scheme: Connecting Community Housing Providers with Developers

Landcom has launched an online tool that directly connects developers with nationally registered Community Housing Providers. The Community Housing Prequalification Scheme was created by both Landcom and the Department of Finance and Services in response to the growing demand for affordable housing in NSW. The scheme offers information on a wide pool of Community Housing Providers, whose job is to develop and/or manage affordable housing across NSW. 

The Community Housing Prequalification Scheme can be accessed through the ProcurePoint website for developers, land owners, and others wishing to find a Community Housing Provider. 

The NSW Government recently requested Landcom reorient their business towards the goal of housing affordability. Their new mandate was to take a lead role in improving the supply, diversity, and affordability of new housing in Sydney and New South Wales. Three main goals of Landcom’s housing policy were:

  1. Make it easier for people to own their own home

  1. Demonstrate new housing typologies to provide a greater choice of homes

  1. Deliver strategic projects across NSW