Residential Energy Efficiency Scorecard Initiative consultation

The State Government is consulting on a voluntary energy efficiency rating tool - the Residential Energy Efficiency Scorecard.

The Scorecard is designed for use in existing and new homes, and gives homeowners a range of options to improve the energy performance of their property by seeking a rating assessment from a private provider.

The State Government is seeking stakeholder feedback on

  • ways the Residential Efficiency Scorecard could be used to enhance existing programs
  • training requirements for Residential Efficiency Scorecard assessors
  • a code of conduct for assessors
  • insurance requirements for assessors
  • additional matters relevant to the program.

The Property Council will be providing feedback to the Government. For more info, contact the Property Council at

The Scorecard has been tested on 45 homes over a three month trial which began in January. More info can be found here and here.