The Property Council says collaboration on robust and streamlined building regulations and standards, and not a parliamentary inquiry, is the key to delivering a strong and affordable housing market in Tasmania.

Tasmanian Executive Director Rebecca Ellston said: “We understand the need to ensure that the application and enforcement of our building regulations and standards are comprehensive and stringent.

“However, we do not agree that a parliamentary inquiry will achieve much to this effect, particularly given the lack of consultation and engagement with industry to date on what would be a significant undertaking.”

Ms Ellston said a parliamentary inquiry into the building and construction sector could undermine investor confidence and restrict the volume of new dwellings brought to market at a time when demand for housing in Tasmania is set to skyrocket.

“In the June quarter, house prices in Hobart alone shot up by 6.3%, the largest quarterly increase in 18 years. Only a strong and steady pipeline of housing projects will ensure that housing remains more affordable for more Tasmanians,” she said.

“We acknowledge that there are at times issues to be addressed, to deal with a minority of people who don’t do the right thing and should not be in our industry. We do not support people cutting corners or not complying with the law and those doing the wrong thing should be held accountable.

“Our members will continue to work with Government to ensure our already comprehensive and stringent building regulations and standards are as strong and streamlined as possible, through consistent compliance and enforcement.”

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