Property Council alarmed over 'Congestion Tax'

The Property Council of Australia has raised concerns over the suggestion the NSW Government will consider a ‘congestion tax’ following this morning’s media reporting.

Property Council’s NSW Executive Director Luke Achterstraat said the NSW Government must rule out further taxes at a time when the CBD needs rebooting and revitalising.

"Rather than tax the movement of people and private development in our CBD, the Government should be incentivising the return to office - notably through the return of the public service,” Mr Achterstraat said. 

"Our CBDs are critical economic engines and policies need to support not hinder their ability to create jobs.

"Reports in the media today that the NSW Government is considering higher taxes on the movement of people, commuters and even private development in the CBD are highly concerning,” Mr Achterstraat said. 

“It is equally concerning that reference is being made to a fresh attempt to levy developers outside of existing efforts to deliver a new contributions system.

“The property industry is a major driver of jobs and economic growth, employing 1 in 4 people across the state. Further taxation on the industry is not the solution for future revenue streams to drive budget repair.

“Such a potential move runs roughshod over the existing process put forward by the Productivity Commission and consulted upon by local government, industry groups and the NSW Upper House.

"The Premier has identified the need to get back workers into the office – new taxes on people coming into the city would immediately fly in the face of this endeavour. 

"With cost of living pressures on the rise, it would be a reckless move to impose higher taxes on commuters and would only undermine consumer confidence.”

Media contact: Aidan Green  | E [email protected]