Our Focus

Securing acceleration of the Government’s return to office roadmap

including removing workplace caps and a proactive approach to bringing the public service back to the office, to support the return of office workers to Melbourne’s CBD and revitalize our capital city.

Locking in an extension to industry-focused stimulus to support the residential development sector

including targeted stimulus measures for the housing sector such as the reinstatement of off-theplan stamp duty concessions and the removal of the Foreign Purchaser Additional Duty.

Continuing to advocate for a viable Build-to-Rent housing asset class in Victoria

by working closely with the State Government to develop a workable definition of eligible Build-to-Rent projects for the purpose of Land Tax concessions announced in the 2020 State Budget.  

Continuing to promote and enhance the role of the property industry

Victoria’s largest employer, and largest contributor to the State’s income, to drive a property-led economic recovery.  

Establishing meaningful partnerships 

with state and local governments that deliver the social and affordable housing our state needs for future generations.  

Advocating for the establishment of a workable infrastructure contributions system in Victoria

to promote the key principles of affordability, livability, certainty, and equity.

Advising government and co-designing

Victoria’s next generation planning system as part of the Government’s agenda to modernise the planning system, cut red tape and ensures the planning and development approval system delivers the economic recovery Victoria needs.