Our Focus

Secure policies that reverse downturn

Continue to push for policies to reverse the economic downturn that has followed the oil and gas booms.

Fighting against property tax increases

Ensure the Northern Territory remains a competitive place to invest, own and manage property by opposing the introduction of unbalanced property related taxes.

A New Plan for Darwin City Centre

Advocate the development of a policy that will address fragmentation across all Central Business Districts.

Revitalisation opportunities 

Target reforms towards policy areas that will deliver real and tangible revitalisation outcomes. 

Darwin City Deal

Ensure the timely delivery of the Darwin City deal funding and continue to improve the economic development outcomes.

Implementing TERC

Continue to advance the proper implementation of the Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission Report by addressing key critical milestones and implementation.

Development of the North

Champion the development of the North through continuous campaigning to the government by monitoring opportunities that align with our strategic Masterbrand.


Media Releases