Our Focus

Turbocharge planning reform

keeping our foot on the accelerator to build on 2020 progress and ensure promised planning reforms are occurring from the local level upwards.

Reduce fees, taxes and charges

to boost economic growth, create jobs and ensure the Treasurer’s stamp duty reform agenda delivers a net benefit for the economy, the community and the industry.

Address the supply, diversity and affordability of housing

coming out of COVID by working collaboratively towards a good growth agenda.

Create tomorrow’s cities

by delivering the plans for good growth and driving infrastructure investment for Sydney and other city centres across NSW

Emerge strongly from COVID lockdowns

leading progress on return to office, driving population growth and other measures needed for resurgence by placing the property sector at the heart of the economic recovery.

Support our regions to thrive

to strengthen their unique characteristics, attract jobs and increase investment, support growing economies and ensuring a regional lens is applied to all advocacy work.