Our Focus

Build on our strengths to get the population we need to secure our future

  • Make Canberra the lifestyle destination of choice
  • Create a diverse and inclusive community to enrich, and enliven our city.

Create the homes Canberrans need to thrive

  • Boosting the supply of housing, now and for the future
  • Housing choice and affordability where it is needed

Urban renewal the delivers for business, community and our city

  • Planning that delivers outcomes for people
  • Creating places and spaces that make our city great

A tax system which makes Canberra the best place for investment and business

  • Rates, taxes, charges which are fair and efficient and support growth
  • Use policy levers to enable, not stifle growth

Infrastructure which unlocks opportunity and drives growth

  • Projects that set us apart
  • Unlocking land which delivers for our community