Our Focus

Open capital flows

Champion strong and transparent flows of capital from offshore and domestically into the property industry.

Property as an investment class

Ensure regulatory frameworks do not unfairly discriminate against property as an investment class - whether the investment is held directly or through a listed or unlisted property fund.

Tax flow through for property trusts

Maintain tax flow through treatment for passive investments and preserve the use of stapled structures for property funds.

A competitive investment framework for property

Champion a globally competitive framework for collective investment in property that attracts patient, long term capital and expands the types of eligible investments for managed investment trusts (MITs) and collective investment vehicles (CIVs).

Fair and efficient property taxes

Push for fairer and more efficient property taxes and support the drive for economic growth through a whole-of-system review of Australia's tax settings.

Reduce regulatory burden for businesses

A continuous reform agenda to strip back unnecessary regulation and red tape that act as a needless barrier to investment in property, spanning across accounting standards, corporate governance frameworks, corporate regulations, foreign investment framework, income tax and GST.

Access to finance

Promote initiatives that boost access to deeper and more liquid debt markets.