Our Focus

A modern tax system

Support the drive for economic growth as outlined in the government’s White Paper on the Reform of Australia's Tax System, especially the abolition of inefficient taxes such as stamp duty and replacement with more efficient, broad-based, low-rate taxes.

Managed investment trusts

Design a robust and globally competitive tax system for Australia’s managed investment trusts (MITs) that attracts patient, long-term investment capital and expands the types of eligible MIT investments for industry.

GST reforms

Press for goods and services tax (GST) reforms that minimise the need for restructuring and save Australian businesses money.

Foreign investment framework

Drive investment framework reforms that will make Australia a leading property funds management centre.

Significant Investor Visa and Premium Investor Visa

Work to protect managed funds that invest and develop Australian real property from being shut out of the SIV and PIV visa programs.

Asian Region Funds Passport

Ensure property funds can use the Asian Region Funds Passport to streamline cross-border equity raisings and slash international red tape.

International Accounting Standards

Maintain pressure on international reporting bodies to safeguard industry practice and ensure reporting standards reflect the financial reality for industry.

Guidelines for disclosing FFO and AFFO

Drive industry closer to common and comparable disclosure through enhanced guidelines on Funds from Operations (FFO) and Adjusted Funds from Operations (AFFO).

Access to finance

Promote initiatives that boost access to deeper, more liquid debt markets.