Better Planning

The Property Council champions planning that deliver fewer development delays and more certain and consistent development assessment pathways.

We understand good planning create stronger cities and regions, more jobs, affordable housing and robust economic growth.  

Declining housing affordability in our major cities is the new flashpoint for Australia’s ailing planning systems.  The inability of planning systems to react quickly to housing shortages and boost housing supplies is acknowledged as a key factor contributing to declining housing affordability. 

Effective planning systems across Australia can be achieved by:  

  • Making planning rules in each state and territory simpler, consistent and efficient - and backed by accountability
  • Introducing more ‘code assessment’ to see approvals fast-tracked
  • Aligning land use plans with state infrastructure strategies
  • Enhancing the use of independent development assessment to take the politics out of planning  
  • Streamlining the number of local councils in urban centres
  • Introducing effective community engagement when local planning schemes are formulated and eliminating third party appeals to approved development applications
  • Mandating local housing development and employment targets in the strategic plans for our cities
  • Mandating accountability, performance targets and reporting for local government  
  • Requiring all states and territories to introduce and maintain a ‘performance-based’ culture in local planning systems.