Cities & infrastructure

The Property Council supports good strategic planning and robust infrastructure investment to underpin the growth, productivity and liveability of our cities. 

We have also promoted the CityDeals model utilised in the UK to bring a laser-like focus to the challenge of delivering economic growth in our cities and regions.

The Property Council calls on governments to:

  • Develop clear and transparent strategic plans for cities that commit to housing and job targets
  • Underpin them with a rolling pipeline of fully-funded infrastructure projects essential to improving the liveability and productivity of our cities
  • Use asset recycling across the balance sheet of governments to unlock capital that can finance projects
  • Create meaningful CityDeals that serve as a compact between different tiers of government to turbo-charge economic growth – backed by real targets and prioritised investments
  • Replace the current ad hoc and inequitable infrastructure charges levied by state and local governments with a more sustainable model for infrastructure funding that does not add to the cost of housing
  • Use alternative methods like Growth Area Bonds Establish an Infrastructure Advisory Panel with representation from industry to operate as a sounding board for policy initiatives and provide advice on appropriate financing mechanisms for identified priority projects
  • Commit to regular updates on infrastructure performance and delivery.