Housing affordability

The Property Council promotes policy solutions that will make housing more affordable right across the market.

We understand the mix of chronic under-supply, excessive taxes and charges and inefficient planning systems have exaggerated the cost of housing.

That is why we are pushing for an incentives-based deal between the Commonwealth, state and territory and local governments to fix planning systems and boost supply.

Our research on a competition policy-style system showed a $3 billion boost to GDP can be achieved – and in doing so, create a more durable supply pipeline.

We are also continuing to target the other barriers to improved housing affordability including:

  • good strategic plans for our cities that lock in housing targets
  • reducing the burden from property taxes, including stamp duty and infrastructure taxes
  • streamlining planning systems that add to the time and cost of new housing.

And we’re tackling the critical issue of creating new models of affordable housing by devising policy frameworks that will bring institutional capital to the table.